What Relaxation Feels Like


Relaxation is a word used so often by people who don’t even get to experience it that much. This is why people turn to things such as meditation.

So today I decided I was going to give an example in an… Interesting format.

Relaxation is an amazing feeling.
It’s going to bed half an hour later than you wanted
Because you were so content you just had to stay up
And soak up all the happiness you felt during the day

Relaxation is the feeling when
You wake up with the beautiful sunshine shining through your bedroom window
And as you look at the clock you notice that you have woken up later than you wanted
But before you actually have to

Relaxation is the feeling
Of curling up with your pet on your bed and smiling
Feeling a mutual affection move through you as you ponder
How it is they are so soft

Relaxation. The feeling of comfort and being
Okay with every piece and part of the world at the current moment
It is not worrying about the future, because you already have it figured out
And what you don’t have figured out you don’t worry about
Because it will figure itself out and you’ll think about it
When you get there

It is not dwelling on the past
Because the past, has already been spoken for

It is a thought of the now
How you are feeling
What kind of wonderful emotions are washing over you like
The waves of the midnight ocean
On a full moon

That. Is what relaxation feels like.



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